Mr McLeish

64,000 People have trusted ME with their eyes since I came to Musselburgh, why wouldn’t you?

I started in Musselburgh in November 1980 and managed the Practice for the next five years. In July 1985 I purchased the Practice from the previous owner Mr N B Jamieson.

I am passionate about your Eyecare.  Unlike most Practices I do all the Clinical work myself as I believe clinical work should be carried out by the Professional.

I am East Lothians’ Only 5 Star Rated Independent Otometrist

I am also the Longest Established Independent Optometrist in East Lothian

The Practice boasts the most Uptodate Eyecare Equipment in East Lotrhian, my Practice is the only Practice in East Lothian with a 3D OCT Retinal Scanner for the detection of Eye and Systemic Diseases

The OCT Scanner coupled with my expertise as saved the lives of 8 Patients in the last six years, two of these Patients were children. Not to mention the countless number of Patients whose eyesight I have saved. Conditions detected were: eye tumours, papilloedema, increased intercranial pressure, vascular conditions such as strokes, high blood pressure and pancreatitis. Quite a few of these Patients were unaware of any problems prior to their scans!

The OCT is very good at detecting early signs of Macular Degeneration, Retinal Detachments, Diabetes, Glaucoma, Flashes and Floaters, High Blood Pressure, etc

The OCT is good for monitoring changes from one year to the next in the progression of eye diseases and in enabling me to tell if vitamin supplements you are taking is helping to arrest the spread of macular degeneration.

I have always prided  myself of being at the forefront of the Profession in terms of clinical equipment and was one of the first Optometrists’s in Scotland to install a Digital Retinal Camera, way back in 2000. I was the first and am still the only Optometrist in East Lothian to have a 3D Retinal Scanner (OCT). This service/machine is currently not available at any of the big Optical Companies/ Multiples, including Specsavers, Boots, Vision Express, etc

I was one of the first Optometrists to fit Ortho-k or Nocturnal Contact lenses to correct myopia/short sightedness.  This service is again not currently offered by the big Optical Chains/ Multiples

I have Patients’ who travel from  far afield to see me: to name a few one from Australia, one from Luxembourg, one from Kent ( 800 mile round trip), one from Nairn.

As a father of three children myself, I know how important it is to look after family, from the newborn to the most senior member of the household.

I try to have a price range to suit all tastes from budget through to Designer. If I do not stock a range you desire, I will try and source it for you.