NOCTURNAL /  ORTHO-K CONTACT LENSES see our video – None of the  Multiples fit these lenses.

Discover natural vision – How would you like FREEDOM from Spectacles and Contact Lenses during your WAKING DAY

Since 2002 people have been enjoying corrected eyesight with Nocturnal / Ortho-K Contact Lenses.

Nocturnal contact lenses are only worn when you sleep, correcting your short-sight by gently changing the shape of your eye. Wearing Nocturnal at night gives you perfect vision all day, totally free from contact lenses or spectacles. No more eye discomfort or dryness, no need to worry about your contacts at the pool, shower or on the sports field…just great eyesight all day!

Helps stop the progression of Myopia in children.

Can I see if I get up in the night?

Yes, you will see clearly with the lenses in. Perfect vision whenever your eyes are open!

Are Noctural lenses ever painful?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. The technology used to design the lenses means they are a great fit, you are not aware of them when you are sleeping.

What happens if it doesn’t work for me?

The effects are reversible. Simply stop wearing the lenses and your eyes will return to normal.

What if I forgot to wear my lenses one night?

You will still be able to see the next day but you may notice your vision changing that evening. Some people only need to wear their lenses every second night.

Can it wear off when I am driving home?

Your vision is very stable with Nocturnal. It will never wear off quickly.

Is it an option for my children?

Children as young as 5 are wearing Nocturnal and enjoying a childhood free from specs.
Parents have a total peace of mind-supervising the lens handling and sending them off to school knowing their vision is corrected all day long.

Is everyone suitable for Nocturnal?

Only short-sight and low astigmatism can be corrected fully with Nocturnal.


(except NOCTURNAL/ ORTHO-K as they are bespoke)
Alcon/Bausch & Lomb/Cooper Vision /Johnson & Johnson /Sauflon etc.We supply all types of contact lenses.

Alcon/Bausch & Lomb/Cooper Vision /Johnson & Johnson etc.

We supply all types of contact lenses. Our monthly disposable lenses are from as little as 50p per day, including solutions delivered to your door.

We fit GP lenses, daily lenses, monthly lenses, multifocal lenses and extended wear lenses. Also now fitted at this Practice are Ortho K/ Nocturnal Contact Lenses.

If you want to make a dramatic change in your appearance, you can change the colour of your eyes with coloured lenses.

Own Eye Colour Contact Lenses

Own Eye Colour Contact Lenses

Sapphire Blue Contact Lenses

Sapphire Blue Contact Lenses